hyperfixations highlighted

dream sapnap georgenotfound ph1lza technoblade karl jacobs quackity tubbo tommyinnit ranboo nihachu wilbur soot
hamilton heathers dear evan hansen beetlejuice six newsies the prom harry potter glass animals the good place buzzfeed unsolved danny gonzalez james marriott dangelo wallace alec benjamin rachel zegler genshin impact loona red velvet iz*one twice


he + neos fourteen muslim
asian american bisexual
nd (adhd)

please cw/tw rape sexual assault loud noises death self harm suicide

use tone indicators when jokingly bullying me i’m not in kpoptwt or farttwt if i do something wrong pls tell me sb when unf do not use they/them pronouns on me
anti of any of my faves -12/+23 basic dni criteria against neopronouns nsfw/gore account you stan a6d, cmc, and/or schlatt (hyperfixations ok)

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